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Распродажа в Церковных тканях

Распродажа в Церковных тканях

Распродажа в Церковных тканях

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Храм Святой Великомученицы Екатерины на Всполье. Church of st. Catherine the Great Martur In-the-Fields
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Thank you for your interest in the company's "Church of tissue".

The history of the production association "Church Fabrics" began more than ten years ago with a small shop in the center of Moscow, at the Church of St. George Neokesariyskogo. Today the church fabric - a modern industrial and commercial enterprise, providing a full range of services on manufacturing high quality garments ecclesiastical appointments (buy the church fabric, office attire: the bishops and the priestly vestments, surplices, gowns, Orari, podrizniki, miter, Trebnje kits; Casual attire: robes, cassock, vests, Schema, belts, various garments, hats: skufi, kamelaukion, hoods, wimple; Shroud Orlets, banners, cloths, pokrovtsy and more).


Careful selection and establishment of close relations with domestic and foreign manufacturers of fabrics and accessories, allows our artists and designers in their own production facilities to produce high quality goods. Along with mass production we have the opportunity to work on individual orders, which take into account the slightest wishes of our customers.

In our internet shop you can buy ready-made garments and religious articles of various accessories or order a church sewing garments for individual orders.


Церковные ткани- продажа плащаниц, митр и облачений для церковнослужителей

For interested visitors to our online store offering print a coupon of 5% (five percent) discount when you buy in our stores. One has only to print out and come to us!